Terracron400 is a soil amendment produced by NuTerra Solutions. It is a completely natural product made from a dolomite mineral that contains both magnesium and calcium. Due to its high calcium and magnesium content as well as potassium and other essential minerals, Terracron400 is a superior reconditioning agent.

Terracron400 is milled to pass 400mesh. A unique, ambient temperature process, exclusive to NuTerra Solutions, is used to preserve the integrity of both its calcium and magnesium. This process does not employ heat, which means that all the minerals are unaltered and in their natural state.

As a result of the minute particle size, soil and root uptake of Terracron400 can occur within days. It can also be applied directly on foliage for immediate absorption.

Terracron400’s high magnesium content enhances photosynthesis, which improves the health and longevity of crops.


  • Highly effective plant nutrient.
  • Provides natural release of minerals.
  • Stimulates primary nutrient intake.
  • Reduces dependence on fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Boosts resistance to insects, disease, frost and drought.
  • Fosters micro-organism growth.
  • Certified Organic
  • Promotes soil storage capacity.

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NuTerra supplies drop spreaders that have been specially designed to facilitate the application of Terracron400.
These high-quality drop spreaders are easy to use, accurate, durable and maximize Terracron400’s performance.

Call us for more information 1-877-493-9660.


  • 1.75 cubic foot (100lbs) capacity.
  • Positive on/off system.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and agitators.
  • Ball bearing with grease fittings.

About Us

Established in 2003, NuTerra Solutions is a company that offers a product called Terracron 400 among other products. The company specializes in the transformation of minerals into high quality fertilizers. This product provides micronutrients to plants and grass, which are vital for their health and growth. It is certified organic and is a superior product among those in its category.

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Provide innovative solutions to contribute to a sustainable development. We believe in healthy, balanced and productive soil.


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